Various photos from recent latex-related events.

Corset workshops

The amazing Latex Neko poses in some of the corset designs offered for the corset workshop, here worn on top of my standard big-boob catsuit with integrated black gloves and stockings, and integrated vaginal and anal condoms. Participate yourself?

Catsuit workshop with Lokana

Lokana Lighto and her partner attended a week-long catsuit and corset workshop. Here are some photos of the end result and her review of the workshop.


I recently had the extraordinary opportunity to attend a seven-day workshop by “LatexSkredder” in Oslo, Norway, focused on crafting latex catsuits. Accompanied by my partner, the goal was to learn how to glue latex and create a custom catsuit for each of us. This workshop exceeded all our expectations, offering much more than just the skills to work with latex.

What stood out the most was the instructor, LatexSkredder. His teaching style was patient and warm, making even the long and tiring hours enjoyable. He imparted a wealth of knowledge, teaching us numerous techniques, tricks, and tools that made the crafting process efficient and enjoyable.

For those considering this workshop, be prepared for hard work and long hours. Crafting a catsuit requires patience and dedication, but under LatexSkredder’s expert guidance, you’ll find the experience immensely rewarding. His years of experience ensure that you’ll leave with a finished product you can be proud of.

The workshop environment itself was impressive, equipped with everything needed for crafting. A highlight was learning to create and adjust individual patterns, a skill invaluable in itself. The process of making a prototype before the final catsuit was especially beneficial, familiarizing us with all the necessary techniques.

Overall, this workshop was a unique and enriching experience, one of the best decisions I’ve made. I took numerous photos and notes throughout. For future attendees, I recommend bringing a tablet to annotate photos on the go, enhancing the learning experience.

In summary, LatexSkredder’s workshop is not just about learning to glue latex; it’s a comprehensive, hands-on experience that offers deep insights into latex crafting. It’s an investment in a skill that is both challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Catsuit fun with Latex Neko

Latex Neko poses in new catsuits with integrated vaginal and anal condoms.

Oslo Pride 2023

Out and about with the amazing Latex Neko (visit her site!) and Beeckk during Oslo Pride 2023.

Random everyday latex

Party outfits

Catsuit with integrated condoms

Latex Neko models in catsuit with built-in vaginal and anal condoms.

Random catsuit photos

Catsuit workshop with Rubber Onion 92

RubberOnion92 med ektemann kom på workshop / catsuitkurs og laget en catsuit hver – begge til henne! De gjorde en fantastisk jobb og her er noen bilder som vi tok den siste kursdagen.


Åtte catsuits på seks dager!

Latex Neko og jeg satte av seks dager for å lage åtte catsuits! Det ble intensive dager men resulatet ble superbra! Her er noen bilder fra prosessen og de ferdige plaggene!


Dinner out on town

Latex Neko‘s great friend Zeta the Coyote (@zetathecoyote on Fetlife) from Zeta’s Rubber World came visiting from the United States. A bunch of rubberists figured we’d go and eat dinner at Oslo central station and here are somenphotos of that event. Zeta is a really cool guy and you should visit his Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/ZRWKY

Big-Boob Bondage Catsuit

Photoshoot med den fantastiske Latex Neko i Big-Boob Bondage Catsuit (BBBC). Sjekk hjemmesiden hennes!

Hiking in latex

Customer photos

Oslo Pride 2022

Out and about with the amazing Latex Neko (visit her site!) and Nora during Oslo Pride in 2022.